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PDF is a versatile file format used for creating, exchanging, and printing documents, including e-books, manuals, brochures, and reports. It preserves the layout, fonts, and graphics of the original document, ensuring consistent viewing across devices and platforms. PDF files can be easily created from various sources, such as word processors, and presentation software. They also support advanced features like hyperlinks, bookmarks, and multimedia, making them suitable for interactive and online publishing.

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TXT is a basic text format that stores textual information without any formatting or metadata. It supports different character encodings, allowing users to store and read text in a variety of languages and scripts. TXT files can be opened with any text editor, making them a widely used format for storing and sharing simple text-based information. However, users should be aware of the encoding used in the TXT file to ensure proper display of the text. If a different encoding is used, the text may be displayed incorrectly.

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How to use PDF to TXT converter

  1. Upload PDF file: Drag and drop your PDF file or upload it from your cloud storage.
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  4. Conversion complete! Download the converted TXT file.

Reasons to Choose Bookize's PDF to TXT Converter

  • Keeps the Original Format

    Our converter preserves the original layout and style of your PDF documents. You can trust that the converted TXT file will retain its formatting and be ready to read on your e-reader device.

  • Simple way to convert PDF to TXT document

    Convert your PDF document to TXT format using our online tool. No downloads or plugins required—just a few clicks.

  • Secure PDF to TXT Converter

    Your files are secure with us. We delete your files after conversion, ensuring your information remains private.

  • Free and Convenient

    Convert your PDF documents for free on any device—Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, or any other OS. No fees or accounts needed. Simply convert and go!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert PDF to TXT?

Just use this online converter to get TXT from PDF in an instant.  

Is converting to TXT difficult?

Our TXT converter is super easy to use. Just upload your TXT file, and let it do the work.  

Will my TXT file still look good after conversion?

Definitely! Our tool keeps everything looking sharp, so your images stay clear and text stays readable.  

Can I convert lots of PDF at once?

Yep, you can convert multiple PDF files at once, saving you time.  

What if I have problems?

Our support team is here to assist you. Just contact us, and we'll help you out.  

Will it work on all devices?

Yes, our PDF to TXT converter works on many different devices, so you can convert your PDF anywhere.