RTF - Rich Text Format

What is a RTF file

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a versatile file format developed by Microsoft that allows the exchange of text files between different word processors. Unlike plain text files, RTF files can include various types of formatting, such as bold, italics, and different fonts, making them more visually appealing and useful for a range of applications.

RTF files support basic text formatting, images, and various fonts and sizes, allowing for more complex document layouts compared to plain text files. This format is widely supported across different operating systems and word processing programs, making it an ideal choice for sharing documents when you want to preserve formatting.

One of the main benefits of RTF is its compatibility. Since it can be opened by almost any word processor, you don’t need to worry about the recipient being unable to read your file. Additionally, RTF files are generally more secure than some other file formats, as they do not support macros, which can be used to deliver malware.

Here are some programs that can open RTF files:


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